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Over the centuries the lands belonging to the Hall have been eroded bit by bit until now only the garden and woods immediately adjacent the Hall remain part of the current property.  The farmhouse remains, but under separate ownership and the barns and other farm buildings have been converted into attractive homes, listed buildings to provide the context to the Hall itself.

The nearby fields which form such an essential backdrop to the historic building remain as meadows with a pond and stream as well as a number of majestic trees.  Despite the temptation to use the proceeds of developing this land to fund restoration of the Hall, the planning authorities resolutely refused to compromise the setting of this beautiful old building. 

However, in 2012, a property speculator in collusion with the previous owners of Hempshill Farm who retained ownership of the land when they sold the house, applied for planning permission to "develop" the fields with a modern housing estate.

The owners of the Hall, together with other local residents, set up an action group to fight the development proposal.  More information on their activities can be found by clicking on this link.

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Hempshill Fields
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