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For more than 500 years, Hempshill Hall and the attached farm have stood on this site, the last piece of green land on this edge of Nottingham.  And for almost 500 years before that there is clear evidence of a farm, mentioned as far back as the Doomsday Book of 1086


By the beginning of the twenty first century the Hall had fallen into neglect and was covered in uncontrolled vegetation.  Things were not looking good for this historic building.  All attempts to find a sympathetic buyer who would lavish the necessary TLC and money to save it from dereliction and collapse had come to nothing.

Fortunately for the Hall, for posterity and for those who live nearby, in 2005, just such a sympathetic owner did turn up.  A committed and enthusiastic historian, Richard Hunt and his wife Felicity, spent seven long years removing the creepers, carting away decades of accumulated rubbish, python cages, freezers full of rats and other detritus, then painstakingly peeling back the layers of plaster to reveal an historic structure dating from 1497, much older and more significant than previously believed.


This web site introduces the story of that restoration and provides links to historical and other information related to Hempshill Hall and its surroundings.  Further information can be found here.

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